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Medical Cannabis Consultations

As a MediCann Affiliate, MotionHealth providers evaluate patients and recommend cannabis for medical treatment.  Our providers receive the latest research information and are trained to educate patients on the best use of cannabis.  Cannabinoids, Terpenoids and other chemicals contained in the cannabis plant are showing treatment potential of pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression and many more conditions.. The evaluation entails a review of the patients symptoms, a diagnosis and a therapeutic plan.  Recommendations are provided every year with the opportunity for inter visit follow up.

5 Benefits of a MediCann Consultation:


1) Consultation on your medical illness

2) Education on the Endocannabinoid System

3) Discussion on available Cannabis products and which best treats your medical illness

4) Advice on how to reduce pharmaceutical medication

5) Reduced state taxes at Cannabis Dispensaries


New Patient Visit (30 minutes)                                   

$125 + $25 for forms or letters     

Renewal or Follow Up Visits (15 minutes)​                   

$70 + $25 for forms or letters

New Discounted Visits (30 minutes)                           

$70 + $25 for forms or letters 

Renewal or Follow Up Discounted Visits (15 minutes)

$50 + $25 for forms or letters 

Brief Visits (10 minutes) 


Medical Cannabis Consultation

Cannabis has been documented for medicinal use since 2700 BC.  The modern discovery of the Endocannabinoid system by biochemist, Dr. Rapahel Mechoulam, Ph. D., launched our understanding of the cannabis plant into the molecular level.  MediCann serves as a resource and information intermediary for doctors, patients and the newly formed medical cannabis industry.  We are learning how to best use cannabis to reduce pain, improve mood, and even cure cancer!  After 80 years of prohibition, there is a lot to learn.  Established in 2004, MediCann leads the way with legitimate information, resources and an over 600,000 patient visit experience.

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