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Northern Californian unconventionally blends agriculture and the wine making industry with the modern information technology industry.  Food is farm-to-table fresh and activities range from desktop to outdoors. MotionHealth community healthcare services offers great diversity.  Our medical providers are open-minded,yet are trained to educate and investigate many approaches to treatment and wellness. MotionHealth is a non-profit organization established for the delivery and integration of personalized, complementary and alternative medicine to northern California communities.

Mission  Statement

Our mission is to increase access to wellness and health care choices by providing high quality, comprehensive and personal health care to our communities.

What We Do

MotionHealth incorporates competency- and evidence-based integrative health curricula with dedicated patient education. We offer comprehensive primary care, pain management, medical cannabis evaluations, wellness consultations and exams for the government, employment and educational institutions.   Our treatment plans incorporate acupuncture, chiropractic, medical massage, movement based therapies (i.e. physical therapy, yoga, tai chi, etc.), herbal and homeopathic remedies. Patients have the ultimate choice in their best medicine. Our providers observe, evaluate and advise with the understanding that life is a personal journey.  Our service to you is to be the best healthcare guide.

"MotionHealth staff and providers foster a patient oriented, collaborative atmosphere  with a willingness to explore complementary and alternative treatments.  Creating an integrative approach broadens the treatment pyramid allowing patients personal choice and incorporating wellness care." 
- Co-founder Jean Talleyrand, M.D.

Core Competencies

• A patient-centered approach to care that recognizes the importance of compassion, access, respect, education, and the provider-patient relationship


• A diverse array of complementary and alternative treatment choices


• Evidence based education and recommendations


• Integrative assessment that addresses patient choice and wellness

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